Douglas Fir (lye extrawhite & oil extrawhite)

1,800.00 kr m2


Douglas fir plank floors bring a fascinating charm to any space.

The unique grain of Douglas fir wood gives the floor a natural aesthetic.

Douglas fir plank floors can easily adapt to a wide range of interior design styles.



Actual Area (m2) 1
Total Price 1,800.00 kr
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Made from finely grown Douglas fir logs.

Wood sourced from southern Germany.

Durable and easy to maintain wood.

Suitable for large plank dimensions.

Collection: Rovere

Size: 1860 mm x 189 mm

Total thickness: 14 mm

Top layer thickness: 3 mm

Color finish: Oil invisible

Wood type: Oak

Surface texture: Slippery

Velling: Two long sides (0.75 mm)

Structure: 3-ply

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 5000 × 200 × 28 cm


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